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Mayatex wool saddle blanket Bar 8

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Mayatex wool saddle blanket Bar 8.

91 x 86cm / 38x36"
Weight : 2.27 Kg

Why Mayatex?

Mayatex is a saddle blanket manufacturer. With over sixty years in the business of hand weaving, Mayatex has become known as the premier supplier of saddle blankets to the Equine Industry.

Our stable of performance pads also includes performance products made with acrylic felt and elastomeric foam to help prevent bacterial growth on the pad, priced to be easy on your budget.
By selecting custom yarn colors and placing them into the design, you can create your own unique show blanket to coordinate with your show clothing. Each design can be printed or saved for future reference.

The importance of using quality saddle blankets is a given among knowledgeable horseman. Today there are many good blankets and pads made of different materials available at varying cost. But the wool blanket is far and away still the favorite of most professionnals and recreationists. As with anything worth using, a good wool blanket is seldom inexpensive, and should be considered an investment. With proper care (requiring only a little attention) a wool blanket will last for many years, even if used for many hours every day.