HEAT Rope 4 stand Header 30' Classic

98.00 CHF

The Heat is the next generation four strand technology from Classic® Rope. Made from a blend of custom fibers and intricate twists, The Heat has set a new standard in rope feel and performance. Designed for today's aggressive roping styles, The Heat provides a loop that is packed with body. Even in forced situations, the tip remains ahead of the swing for a more controlled and confident delivery. Lightweight and built for performance, The Heat is built to take punishment. Run after run, it maintains its original, snappy feel.

Lenght : 9 m

XXS = Extra Extra Soft,
XS= Extra Soft,
S =Soft,
MS =Medium Soft,
M= Medium,
HM =Hard Medium,
MH =Medium Hard,
H= Hard.

The more rigid the lasso, the more experienced the rider must be.

The rigidity S is the most used as Head Rope. An XS will be even better for a beginner.