Anicur Ekicart 5 KG (preservation of cartilage)

475.00 CHF
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For supple joints and the preservation of cartilage in horses and ponies.




  • Dietary supplement (nutraceutical) for maintaining healthy joints and to support flexible movement in horses and ponies.
  • Meets the increased need for nutrients of the musculoskeletal system at high load and in the growth phase.
  • Contains undenatured type II collagen in low doses, allowing to interact with the immune system so that further degeneration of the collagen fibres is prevented.
  • Contains a broad spectrum natural antioxidants that permanently neutralizes the free radicals causing tissue damage. The oxidative stress is reduced and the resistance of the cartilage cells is improved.
  • Contains free amino acids and glucosamine as basic building blocks in its smallest possible form because the cartilage is fed by synovial fluid through diffusion.
  • Contains the right co-factors required to catalyze certain biochemical reactions.
  • Contains prebiotics for a balanced intestinal flora.




1 kg Ekicart contains 180 g glucosamine sulfate, 60 g chondroitin sulfate, 0.80 g hyaluronic acid, 6 g L-alanine, 12 g L-arginine, 60 g L-glutamine, 20 g L-glycine, 3 g L-hydroxyproline, 4 g L-lysine, 24 g DL-methionine, 6 g L-proline, 4 g L-ornithine, 120 g L-carnitine, 14 g collagen hydrolysate, 2 g undenatured type II collagen, 10,000 IU/kg vitamin A (retinyl acetate), 72,000 IU/kg vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), 1.80 g vitamin E acetate, 0.01 g vitamin K (menadione), 2 g vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL), 20 g vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), 0.40 g calcium carbonate, 0.133 g magnesium oxide, 6 g zinc sulfate, 1 g copper sulfate, 2 g manganese sulfate, 0.04 g selenium (sodium selenite), 2 g silicon dioxide, 5 g glutathione, 8 g superoxide dismutase, 30 g pomegranate extract, 20 g Curcuma longa, 96 g lecithin (phosphatidylcholine), 158 g dextrin, 117 g vegetable fibers (rice bran) and 15 g apple aroma.


Instructions for use:


  • Once per day in the evening via the feed, the number of measuring scoops according to body weight, for a period of three months.
  • Moisten the feed if necessary.


Body weight (kg)

< 350


> 450





Number of measuring scoops





  • Safe for unlimited treatment duration and can also be safely administered during gestation.




1 kg - 2 kg - 5 kg