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2'350.00 CHF
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The latest innovation from Zaldi is the KIRA KLASS dressage saddle, which is entirely handmade and offers the highest technologies and innovations.

She offers you

- revolutionary tree

Flexible anatomical tree with "double density" (rider / horse):

A project = high technology

Zaldi realizes a tree with 2 different densities.

A very elastic, for the upper part that comes into contact with the rider, it allows to absorb the movements of the basin (plate) by redistributing its effects regularly. The lower part that comes into contact with the back of the horse, allows to adjust to its morphology and to distribute the weight of the rider on a wider area eliminating the points of compression.

Innovative features:

Anti-knocks on the pommel
Seat "extra comfort" standard, consisting of 3 layers of rubber, 2 Elax silicone and 1 latex.
New anti-break protection at the cantle, in case of blow or fall
New "smart" quilts designed as back protectors.
Liseret of the seat work so as to avoid any embarrassment to the rider.
Quarter and false neighborhood sewn together on 10 cm = monoquartier effect
Ergonomic areas.
Reinforcement at the edge of the quarters against wear due to friction.
Reinforcement of double stitching of the cons-sanglons.
A 1st elastic counter-strap to facilitate movement without reducing the horse's thoracic capacity. A second V-shaped counter-strap that secures the saddle, avoiding swaying without putting pressure on the shoulders.
Line of ventilation holes on the cleats allowing their adjustment to the possible pressure of the leg.
Rubber padded cleats at 2 densities: firmer in the upper area and more elastic in the lower part.
Long Spreader knife brand HS Sprenger with a tilt of 45 °

3) Multiple option at the choice of the rider

long (13 cm) or short (10 cm) stirrup knives
Elax Seat Padding or Latex (Extra Comfort)
Boxcalf Quarter Leather (standard) 2mm thick or 4mm thick croupon
Thickness of padding: high or thin
3 cleat measures:
- large - medium - small
- In V 1st elastic anti-straps
- In V 1st non-elastic counter-sanglon
- In parallel (2 against-sanglons)


* Rider 16 "(length of 41 cm from the back flange of the saddle to the nail Zaldi).
* Cross of the horse: of 28 cm. at 34 cm.
* Weight: 7,800 Kg.
* Length of the skirt from the footrest: 38 cm.
* Bottom length below: 46 cm.
* Baste support area on the back of the horse: 41 cm.
* Muscock Taco: 20 cm. 8.5 cm. x 9 cm
* Also available with large knee pad: 36 cm. x 10 cm x 6 cm. or with medium knee: 34 cm. x 7 cm x 4.5 cm.

Several colors: Black, tan, burnt bread, dark brown, hazelnut, bi-color black / burnt bread, brown bi-color / burnt bread.

Whatever the color chosen you can opt for seams and edging of different colors and fantasies (yellow, red, blue, white). to define during your order.

On order for a totally personalized saddle, approx. 4-5 weeks.

Zaldi technology will meet your expectations, you want to customize your saddle to suit you and your horse?

It's simple, open the attached file and fill it out and send it to us to make a precise estimate following your personalization choices.

The form "configuration option" exists in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Contact us without hesitation if necessary.

Kira Klass Configurable (CONFIGURADOR__ZALDI-DRIM_KIRAKLASS_V260718v2_.pdf, 1,217 Kb) [Download]