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With new extra light armor of only 950 grams, with greater contact and made of carbon fiber of the latest technology.

In Zaldi Sillas de Montar we have always bet on the world of Raid. Evolving our chairs, applying all our studies and developments of the latest technology and in close union with both amateur riders and world champions of this equestrian discipline. Currently, together with this knowledge and experience we have taken a turn in the design of raid chairs, developing the new chair of the future, the Zaldi Z950 CARBON.

In this Z950 CARBON chair we have assembled ultramodern materials, incorporating weight studies to get lighter, more functional and more resistant elements every time. Together with the latest generation carbon fiber, the selection of the best croupy and boxcalf leather has been combined in the places where the rider has maximum contact as well as in the seat. A studied futuristic design and the application of colored leathers similar to the fluorescence in certain points, result in a chair comparable to the Formula 1 of the raid / endurance chairs.

1'450 KG OF TECHNOLOGY. Super light, as this Z950 CARBON chair weighs only 1'450 kg, it is also the functionality taken to the limit. With the rubber seat only 1'300 kg of weight.

Adjustable to any horse measurement by means of an ultralight rubber system and in the shape of HIVE, which distributes the weight of the rider on the back of the horse without creating pressure points.
It does not exert any type of pressure to the horse since the support of the baste is by independent points
Standard equipment for the Z950 CARBON chair:

* CARBON FIBER ARMOR, in black color, with rubber sock absorbs impacts.
If you want it in another color, you can paint and customize the tone you choose.

* Seat to choose between:
A LEATHER SEAT AND DOUBLE LATEX RUBBER, very comfortable and extra light, removable with Velcro. To choose with density of 1cm, 2cm or 3cm, a very light weight of 200, 220 or 240 grams respectively according to the density chosen for this seat.

Or to add more lightness to the chair, an ultralight EV50 RUBBER SEAT of only 45 grams of weight in Black, Red or in Blue being combined to match the colors of the chair, adaptable and removable easy and simple thanks to the Velcro band incorporated in this EV50 rubber seat, which can also be purchased separately (with separate cost) and thus, have the ideal equipment: one to compete and another to train.

* Front picket for breastplate.

* Bar that makes footrest to not gain weight in competition.

OPTIONS FOR OLDER (with separate cost):
It can be equipped with a "MULTIPOSITION OF 2 POSITIONS" practice that allows the position to be relaxed in the same race to relax the muscles or adjust to the characteristics of the terrain, according to the needs of the rider. This 2-position footrest can be removed and put with a Velcro system very simple and quick to put on, change and remove. Weight of the pair: 160 grams.

We recommend using ATIONS manufactured in BIOTANE USA, silver-plated buckle stainless conway, easy to place on the footrest and leather protector to avoid friction in the area of ​​the buckle. In case of breakage, they can easily be replaced. Weight of the pair of aciones: 200 grams.

AND MULTI-STICK LIPS manufactured in BIOTANE USA, very resistant and anti-stretch. In case of breakage, they can be easily changed with the pins. Weight of each hose: 40 grams.

Measures for both the standard horse and rider as it conforms to any measure:
Total Seat Length Armor: 38 cm.
Leather and Rubber Seat Length: 30 cm.
Length of the Baste: 45 cm.

Colors: currently, in addition to the classic colors, you can make multiple color combinations in leather, threads, live, weatherstripping and even combine materials such as ante / z-plus.

Configuration selle Z950 Zaldi (Z950-COLORES_1F_2_.pdf, 3,610 Kb) [Download]